User Workflow Design.


The needs of every business are different, and can be highly complex. At Webideas we work quickly to determine your needs using an 'Agile' approach.

Whilst the Agile approach allows continual planning and review as the project proceeds, we commence the process with the construction of a clear road map. Our 3 step development model - Plan, Build, Deploy - provides our clients with a clear, tangible sense of direction and progress through each project.

Planning the Project

At Webideas we start with a number of meetings to establish the nature of the project. This process is detailed and technical, but we have that careful planning around architecture, data structure, customer needs etc. is crucial to delivering an application that is fit for purpose.

How we plan and deliver a project?

  • Creating a roadmap

    We work together with your to understand and establish the direction of the project. To define the goals and purposes of the application.
  • Defining the target users

    The user and the user experience is key on so many levels. We seek to establish the following information: type of audience, age, gender, education; web access capabilities of the audience; the level of security and quantitative audience stats.
  • Creating a detailed functional specifications document

    It is used to eliminate any sort of confusion in the future, a functional specifications document lists all the technical specifications and functionalities of a web application which is to be developed.
  • Selecting the technology

    We define the platform, technology, environment, structure, and framework.
  • Designing Layout and Interface

    We create a visual guide or a simple UI sketch. Once the interface and interaction models are approved, the design is implemented.
  • Undertaking Application Development - AGILE

    The above steps, are in many ways preliminary, and allow us to establish the direction of the project, costings, functionality and the like, but the real work of implementing the road map, is done in a very flexible and responsive way.

    By adopting the AGILE approach to application development, we understand the process to be one, that may change as the project develops. We work in short 'sprints' and aim to deliver frequent releases so that you can see and collaborate with us as to how the project is developing.

    We will always work with you, the customer in mind.
  • Testing!

    That includes QA testing and bug fixing. A web application must be put through the paces, and all suitable testing techniques are employed, including load testing, stress testing, performance testing, usability testing etc.