Cloud Migration.


Join the cloud revolution with Webideas. Local storage is fast becoming a thing of the past. You application and website can work seamlessly with virtual servers and databases, and cloud storage that is cost effective, secure and reliable.

More and more high tech companies, including banks are moving to solutions solely based on the cloud, why not be one of them?

Keeping up in an age of change

2015-2020 represents a period of intense growth in the use cloud services to deliver business IT needs. However there is still a lack of both knowledge and expertise readily available to businesses, to help them take advantage of this virtual revolution.

The use of cloud platforms is not only improving the way businesses run, but it is allowing for a more complex and innovative business models to be realised.

The fear that ‘the cloud is not safe’, is largely a fallacy, and even banks and financial institutions are moving towards cloud centred technologies.

Webideas believes that it can help businesses to think smarter about their own IT solutions, save them money and give increased peace of mind in a rapidly changing computing environment.

Technological considerations

  • Moving to The Cloud

    Many businesses still use physical servers to meet their online needs. Technically, the cloud still exists physically 'somewhere', but the point is an academic one.

    Using dedicated servers is expensive and cumbersome. Scaling up becomes difficult and machines soon become outdated. Cost is also often prohibitive.

    Cloud solutions eradicate many of the traditional problems associated with such an approach. Savings can be significant and radically reduce technology overheads. The ability to create virtual servers which can be autoscaled, networked, load balanced etc. is quite literally revolutionary.

    At Webideas we'll work with you to create and help you manage your own virtual devices. We'll help cut out the middle man and give you the power to control the architecture and performance of your servers.
  • Development and Deployment

    At Webideas, we'll help you understand the technology vital to your company's success. We'll work with existing teams of developers to help you migrate to the Cloud, or train up your tech guys with the skills they need to keep the online side of your business running.
  • Monitoring

    Monitoring your cloud services will be vital to the success of your business. We'll give you the tools and show you how to use them.
  • Scalability

    Online success brings with it the need for applications to be scalable. The Cloud allows the creation of applications which can cope with sudden traffic spikes.
  • Virtual databases

    Creating and maintaining the health of your databases has never been easier.