Software & Web Development.


We design websites and web applications. We can also create mobile friendly e-workflows to increase the productivity of your staff.

As a web development company, we are dedicated to delivering cutting edge, high performance, bespoke web solutions to our clients. We offer solutions for ALL budgets.

Our core technical expertise is in developing web solutions that deliver rich, fast and affordable services to your users and customers. Whether you need bespoke business applications or something as simple as a website with database connectivity, we partner with you each step of the way to bring your products and ideas to the world.

Our 3 step development model - Plan, Build, Deploy - provides our clients with a clear, tangible sense of direction and progress through each project.

A World Of Opportunity Online

Fact: There are 3.6 billion active internet users worldwide! Almost 50% of the world population and growing.

Any Web Application - We Can Do It.

Improve productivity, connectivity, compliance monitoring & convenience.

Domain Names, SSL Certificates & Personalized Email

We can provide and set up your domain names, SSL certificates and personalized email accounts.

Which Technologies To Use?

Advice on server-side and client-side technologies that enhance speed, robustness, scalability and security.

Sales Assistance

The offer
We design, launch and host a 3 page website for your business for just R2000.

This :
These are all essential for growing your business successfully. So many people search online for products these days. Having a web presence is proven to make a BIG difference to sales.

It’s a very easy process.

The R2000 covers the cost of the initial build, your domain name, hosting for one year and free technical support during the year. We take a deposit of R1000 with the balance payable on completion of your site.

After the first year, our annual fee is just R800 which includes renewal of your domain name, hosting for a year and technical support for that year.

We charge a small amount for updates to your site should you require these from time to time. Our hourly fee is just R200 (minimum 1hr per update). Or you can buy an update support package for R1000 which includes 10hours of update support.

Do you offer any other web related services?

We offer all web related services.

Where are you based?

Our parent company is incorporated in the UK and most of the coding and development is done in the UK.

How do you take payment?

We take payment securely via Paypal. We work out the USD equivalent of the amount that needs to be paid and send you a link that enables you to pay securely through Paypal. We send you a receipt with details of services provided once payment has been received.

Additional information

We will soon be launching a web service that allows you to easily update and manage your website free of charge. We expect this service to be launched by 30 April this year.

Where will my website be hosted?

We use dedicated virtual servers on the Google Cloud to host websites. This means that your website will load super-quick anywhere in the world, using the google network. All your web content is backed up and encrypted on Google servers and protected by Google’s own firewalls.

What are my commitments to Webideas?

Apart from the deposit and payment of the remaining balance on completion of your website, there are no other commitments. You are free to choose whether or not you want to renew your hosting with us at the end of the first year and subsequent years.

How does having a website help my business?

Very importantly, someone can find you on the internet and contact you directly to acquire your services. So if someone in Natal searches in Google for “kitchen installer Pietermaritzburg” and your website is advertising kitchen installations in the Pietermaritzburg area, Google will have on record that your business provides this service and will show your business in its search results.

This is very powerful because a click on the google search link will take this person to your website where they can see what you offer, where you are located and your contact details.

If you subscribe to our online marketing offer, your business will even feature on Facebook “in the right places” and you will very likely see an increase in orders originating from Facebook. The positive impact on your sales could be absolutely incredible.